Project Description

Thai Wrap Trousers Sewing Pattern

These trousers are inspired by the classic Thai fisherman pants, but now in a more updated and well fitting version. They have a relaxed fit and are simply wrapped and tied, with no zip or buttons.

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 (a) Sew center back seam
03:07 (b) Make belt pieces
06:43 (c) Sew belt pieces to outer front waistband
08:17 (d) Sew outer waistband side piece to waistband front piece
10:08 (e) Sew front waistband to front piece
13:36 (f) Sew back waistband to back piece
15:11 (g) Sew inseam
18:03 (h) Sew side seams
19:04 (i)-(k) Prepare inner waistband
21:27 (l)-(n) Attach inner waistband
25:48 (o) Hem trousers

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Size Waist
Small 66-76cm / 26-30”
Medium 81-91cm / 32-36”
Large 97-107cm / 38-42”

Suggested fabrics
Linen, cotton, cotton mix, silk, rayon/viscose

Materials Needed
3m Fabric (60” wide)
Coordinating thread