This tutorial will teach you how to sew a simple plain seam.


  1. Select your stitch type
  2. Select your stitch length
  3. Set the tension – ensures that your stitching is even and looks the same either side of fabric.
  4. Pin fabric together
  5. Lift the foot lever
  6. Line up your fabric under the needle – use the seam allowance guide on your machine to get the correct seam measurement
  7. Lower the presser foot onto the fabric
  8. Hold the loose ends of both threads
  9. Press the foot pedal – the harder you push, the faster it will sew
  10. Use the reverse lever to secure start of seam
  11. Guide the fabric through, using the seam allowance guide so that you get a straight seam
  12. Use the reverse lever to finish your seam which helps it from pulling out
  13. Use the hand wheel to move the needle up
  14. Raise the presser foot
  15. Cut the thread. You may use the thread cutter on the machine or use scissors
  16. Remove Pins
  17. Press seam