The new Bees

As a previous finalist, I know exactly how this years contestants are feeling right now. Although they will know the outcome, I am sure that there will be some apprehension before the programme airs. I was worried how I would come across, would viewers like me?, would I be the ‘annoying one’? Would they keep this or that bit in? But the producers do an excellent job of bringing everyones characters out and allow the audience to choose their favourite.

I hope this years contestants had as much fun as we did during filming. With a new location this year at Sunny Bank Mills in Farsley, Leeds. It looks as though they have more room to swing their bobbins around (is that a thing?). Good luck to them all!

The new location at Sunny Bank Mills

When does it start?

The fun and games (and tears) all starts on the 27th April at 20:00 on BBC1

Who are the contestants?

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