Halloween, or All Hallows’ feast was originally celebrated in the UK on the 13th May, it was Pope Gregory who had the date of the All Hallows’ feast moved to 1st November sometime in the 8th century. It is thought that in doing so, he was attempting to replace or assimilate the Celtic Samhain festival of the dead with a related but church approved celebration.

The night or evening of Samhain therefore became known as All-hallows-even then Hallow Eve, later Hallowe’en and then of course Halloween. Pumpkins and trick or treating are, of course, a modern innovation and one that we should be thankful to our American friends for.

The yearly tradition is a firm fixture in our calendars these days and no doubt parents everywhere have a last minute panic having to make a costume for their little ones.

Panic not! We have searched the internet for some of the best Hallowe’en makes, here is our top 10;