Yes you read that right, today is count your buttons day! Don’t ask me why anyone needs a day to celebrate this but if, like me, it probably would take a day to count and sort all my buttons!

To celebrate, here’s ten facts about buttons;

  1. Until the 13th Century, buttons were mainly decorative and made out of sea shells, bones and ivory.
  2. The word button is from the French word bouton, meaning bud, knob or any round object.
  3. Members of the Dorset Women’s Institute set a world record in July 2020 for making the largest button. Their 2.202m (7ft 2in) creation was verified as the largest button (fastener) by Guinness World Records.
  4. Koumpounophobia is the fear of buttons.
  5. In 1852 Charles Dickens wrote an article entitled ‘What there is in a button’ in Household Words.
  6. The oldest button was found in the Mohenjo-daro region in the Indus Valley, now known as modern day Pakistan. It is estimated to be around 5000 years old.
  7. A discarded shipment of mother of pearl buttons was found by road sweeper Henry Croft in the 1880’s. He set about sewing these into a worn out suit and top hat and this formed the beginnings of the Pearly Kings and Queens of London.
  8. The Amish community don’t wear buttons as they consider them a sign of pride.
  9. The French established the Button Makers Guild in 1250 and France quickly became the button capital of Europe.
  10. And as we’re counting our buttons today, try beating this record -The Fastest time to sort 30 coloured buttons with one hand is 19.49 seconds, achieved by Silvio Sabba (Italy), in Rodano, Milan, Italy, on 26 March 2017.